Professional Services


Cleaning & Re-sealing

Our method of Cleaning is unlike most others you may find. Our Diamond Brush method needs only water to bring your floor back to life.

It is our opinion that, Chemicals should not be used on delicate Stone, such as Marble, Limestone and Travertine. Even Slate, Terracotta and Sandstone benefit from a Refresh using diamond based products.

A Diamond brush gives the stones surface a fresh new look without removing any natural contours, colours, natural markings or fossils.

We offer a no obligation FREE trial area so that you can see for yourself the benefits of Diamond cleaning over chemical cleaning.

For regular maintenance we recommend our Stone Floor Cleaner available on our products page.


Wax Removal & Re-waxing

Terracotta is a popular floor covering in the UK probably due to our Holiday visits to Spain & Italy where this type of flooring has been used for decades.

Terracotta is best restored the ‘Old School’ way. It is very labour intensive, but well worth the extra effort rather than pouring the contents of a newly formulated chemical all over it.

We strip the old wax, clean the surface, let it dry and apply Boiled Linseed Oil. Once the Oil has had chance to soak in fully, we then apply the wax. A buffing machine is used to bring the true beauty of the Terracotta back to life.

Scratch & Damage Removal

Marble, Limestone and Travertine Floors have become very popular in the last 20+ years. Inevitably, they tend to get scratched and damaged in the course of their life.

Our machines and Italian Diamond products are capable of restoring Stone floors back to their former glory.

We regular visit the manufacturing plant in Manopello, Italy, to keep ahead with new products and methods and of course, training.


Resin Fill

Occasionally, Stone floors can develop holes. It is a particular problem with Travertine. We have a two part epoxy resin filler which we use to fill the holes. It is exactly the same filler that is used in the manufacturing plants in Italy, Turkey and Spain.

This filler can be bought from us so that you can do the work yourself. Please see our products page.


Wood Floor Sanding

Wood Floors Sanded and restored. There are various different finishes to bring out the true beauty of the grain.

With our 98% dust free technique and modern Italian 17” sanding equipment, along with our Festool detailing equipment, our methods and finishes are difficult to beat.



Repolishing marble floors can be a minefield for anyone looking for a quote. There are numerous methods available, most of which are modern methods using Diamond Impregnated Pads.

These pads give a quick & cheap shine to the stone surface. The downside is, the leave an “orange peel” effect to the Stones surface. Another problem which is a detriment to the stone is the use of Crystallising powders which are also normally used by some companies using the Impregnated pads.

These Crystallisers react with the stone to leave the surface hard and brittle. The Stone can eventually deteriorate away. Our method of repolishing is with the use of Italian Metal and Resin bonded diamonds, finished with Italian Polishing Powders.

It is vital for the health of your floor that you get a fully detailed quote of what is going to be used on your stone. You can then compare like for like quotations and make a decision based on the best methods and finish for your floor. There is no substitute for quality diamond products when it comes to polishing Stone.

We can also offer the cheaper alternative Diamond Pads, however, if we are instructed to return once a year as part of a maintenance package, we would recommend that Diamond Impregnated pads are not used due to the poor condition that the Stone will eventually become.

We feel very strongly about the use of cheaper alternatives and invite you to discuss your floor before committing to alternative methods.